Agenda and minutes

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Apologies for absence and substitutions


There were no apologies for absence or substitutions.


Appointment of Vice-Chairman

To appoint a Vice-Chairman to the Licensing Committee for the 2016/2017 municipal year.



Councillor D Putty was appointed as Vice Chair by the committee for the municipal year 2016/17.



Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.



Urgent matters

To consider any items of business, other than those shown on this agenda and which, by reason of special circumstances to be stated at the meeting, in the opinion of the Chairman, should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency.



There were no urgent matters.


Minutes of the meeting held on 16 March 2016 pdf icon PDF 194 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on the 16 March 2016 were confirmed by the committee as a correct record and signed by the chair.


Role of the Licensing Team Presentation

Contact Officer: Linda Cannon

An introduction to Licensing to serve as an update for existing and new members.


The Licensing Manager gave a presentation to the committee which served as an update for new and existing members.


The presentation gave an overview of the licensing team’s role including some key facts and some background into some of the issues that the team deal with.



Licensing Fees and Charges 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 605 KB

Contact Officer: Linda Cannon

This report provides the committee with details of the outcome of the review of certain licence fees, to ensure that future Licensing and Registration fees and charges for Licensing and Food Safety Services for 2016/2017 accurately reflect cost recovery and are compliant with current legislation.


The Licensing Manager introduced the report which asked the committee to approve the revised fees and charges for licensing and food safety and to implement the proposed fees for hackney carriage, private hire vehicles and private hire operator licences.



The chairman invited a member of the public, Mark Dinning to address the committee. His questions included;


  • Why the price of a temporary license is so high and subject to a large increase?


  • How had costs been worked out in regards to the different grades of officers as some parts of the process would not need a manager’s intervention and therefore was the cost of their time recorded at a lower rate?


  • Regarding the charges for multiple bases, Mr Dinning asked the committee if they would consider a “three man band” using their own homes as having three bases and would therefore be subject to additional charges?



The Licensing Manager responded;


  • The cost of the administration of a licence is the same whether it is for a short period of time or for one year but the additional cost of enforcement had not been included in the total fees for a temporary license.


  • When calculating the fees and charges the application process was broken down into stages and depending on what grade of officer handled each stage of the application the staff costs were recorded and charged to that grade and averaged out to create the final fees.



  • When an operator chooses to include additional bases within that operator’s licence, a multiple base fee would be applied .A case was cited, as an example, in which one company had three bases where records were kept, and routine checks were necessary .Higher costs would then be incurred as this would require more officer time.



The committee members sought clarification and further explanation on aspects of the report and decided it was necessary to appoint a working group to look at the fees and charges report in further detail to ensure there had been sufficient scrutiny from the committee.




·         The committee appoints Councillors Frankum, Godesen, Hussey and Putty to a working group to look at a sample of licence fees contained in the report which are the most relevant to the borough. Their remit is to ensure that they are satisfied with the proposed fees and charges and how the final figures have been reached and report their findings back to the committee.



·         The committee approves the fees and charges subject to a satisfactory response from the working group.




Approval of Stage 2 Review of Statement of Principles under the Gambling Act 2005 for consultation pdf icon PDF 238 KB

Contact Officer : Linda Cannon

To approve the stage 2 revision of the Gambling Act statement of Principles which is a further revision which includes a section on Local Area Profiling and to provides a separate appendix containing guidance to applicants and licence holders on the requirements for risk assessments to be included on new and variation applications.

Additional documents:


The Licensing Manager introduced the report which asked the committee to approve the Stage 2 statement of principles for consultation.


The committee asked that minor amendments were made to the statement of principles regarding the inclusion of payday loans shops to the list of risk factors, the review of some numbers contained in the statement and the inclusion of some missing premises to the local area profile maps.


Resolved: The committee approves the Stage 2 statement of principles for consultation subject to the agreed amendments.



Review of work programme

The committee is asked to note and review its Work Programme.



The committee notes its work programme.


Matters dealt with by the Sub-Committee for noting pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Date of Sub- Committee


Decision Notice


15th March 2016

Application for a variation of a premises license.


30th March 2016

Application for a variation of a premises license.


28th April 2016

Application for a new premises license.







The Committee notes the decision notices.