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Minutes of the meeting held on 25 June 2020 pdf icon PDF 370 KB

The Chair will move that the minutes of the meeting be signed as a correct record. The only part of the minutes that can be discussed is their accuracy.




Questions from members of the public

To receive and answer any questions from the public.

(Questions must be received in writing by Democratic Services no later than noon on Tuesday 14 July 2020)



Petitions cannot be presented to virtual council meetings but should be sent to the council for consideration.


Resignations and appointments pdf icon PDF 90 KB

a) to receive resignations from Committees and to make any necessary re-appointments



b) to receive resignations from Outside Bodies and to make any re-appointments and (ii) fill any existing vacancies.



Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2020-2024 pdf icon PDF 458 KB

Recommendation from the Cabinet Meeting held on 7 July 2020


That Council approve and adopt the Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2020- 2024.

Additional documents:


Basing View 5G Living Lab pdf icon PDF 578 KB

Recommendation from the Cabinet meeting held on 7 July 2020


That Council add a new scheme to the capital programme for Basing View 5G Living Lab with a capital budget of up to £3.845M in 2020/21 – 2021/22 to be funded from a LEP grant (up to 50%) and private sector funding (minimum 50%).


Additional documents:


Capital Programme Outturn for 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 836 KB

Recommendation from the Cabinet meeting held on 7 July 2020


That Council note:


1)    That the actual capital spending in 2019/20 was £25.381M as shown in section 3 of the report. This is £1.246M less than the latest agreed capital programme budget and £1.318M less than the forecast outturn of £26.699M in quarter three.


2)    The 2019/20 significant outturn variations and explanations for them are shown in Appendix 2 of the report.


3)    The actual capital financing in 2019/20 as shown in paragraph 3.2 of the report.


4)    The addition of £0.329M to the programme and rephasing since the last reported position in February 2020, under delegated powers as shown in paragraph 4.3 and Appendix 4 of the report.


5)    The impact of scheme variances for 2019/20 on future year’s capital expenditure has been reported to the Capital Programme Board and has been included in the revised capital programme to 2023/24 aligned to Council Plan Priorities and Outcomes.


6)    The revised capital programme for 2020/21 to 2023/24, adjusted for slippage and rephasing and additions contained within this report and detailed in Appendices 3 and 5 of the report.


7)    Note that the capital programme remains fully funded up to 2023/24 based on the latest forecast of available resources.


That Council approve:


8)    The revised capital programme for 2020/21 to 2023/24 as shown in Appendix 3 and its financing as shown in paragraph 5.1 of the report.


9)    The proposed addition and spend of £0.014M to the revised capital programme in 2020/21 and 2021/22 as detailed in Appendix 5 and paragraphs 4.4 to 4.5 of the report.



Treasury Management Annual Report 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 994 KB

Report of the Executive Director of Corporate Services (S151 Officer)


Special Urgency Decisions pdf icon PDF 461 KB

Report of the Leader of the Council


Interim cover arrangements for the Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service pdf icon PDF 229 KB

Report of the Leader and Cabinet Member for Human Resources


Annual Overview and Scrutiny Report 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 296 KB

Report of the Chairs of the Overview and Scrutiny Comittees

Additional documents:


Dispensation Consideration pdf icon PDF 315 KB

Report of the Head of Law and Governance and Monitoring Officer


Notice of Motion - Rights of Access

Proposer:       Councillor Tilbury


Seconder:      Councillor Phillimore



A large number of former Council built terraced houses have rear gardens that are only accessible via a path across the adjacent properties. While these access arrangements should have been included on the property deeds when these properties were sold to sitting tenants, we are aware of at least one property in Overton where this was not the case this has led to disputes between neighbours regarding access. This particular case only came to light when the adjacent house was sold on by the original council tenant. As many of these properties were originally sold in the 1980’s it is likely that in the near future many will now be sold on the open market for the first time at which point more cases may become apparent.


Given there was no intention to remove these rights of access from adjacent residents whether they are owners or tenants, this Council resolves that a report be prepared for Cabinet which considers whether any legal action can be taken to correct this error and any other similar cases that may arise in future.



Notice of Motion - Climate Emergency SPD

Proposer:       Councillor Tomblin

Seconder:      Councillor Ashfield

Basingstoke currently produces approximately 2% of its energy consumption via renewable means. To achieve our 2030 target of carbon neutrality, then you can see we have a long way to go; in only 9½ years. 

We have a number of opportunities that could help us. For example, Chineham Shopping Centre Expansion and a new gateway warehousing scheme at junction 7 on the M3. These schemes along with all the new housing planned for the borough, particularly our own Manydown development, could achieve substantial contribution to zero carbon if they were built to the current state of the art construction methods and technology. 

With the pace of upcoming development we need to be proactive as most of these developments will be completed close to our target time scale.  When considering the proposed distribution warehousing at junction 7, it could quite easily generate 6 to 7 MW of electricity and power 1,500 homes and possibly a new hospital which could be built in the immediate vicinity.

The Government has signed up to the Paris carbon agreement with legally binding targets and as a consequence this council declared and signed up to our own climate emergency declaration. However, we have a delay in planning policy being updated to achieve these goals.

It is understood that to make changes to our Local Plan it will be a long term process involving much consultation and inspector approval and so would not provide a way forward faster that the current review process which will take a number of years to complete.

This motion seeks full council approval for urgent consideration by officers, the Economic, Planning and Housing Policy Committee and by Cabinet whether it is viable to FastTrack (within 6 months) a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to outline the measures that this council expects from developments to achieve net zero carbon and the levels of renewable energy generation required to meet our 2030 obligation.

With such an emergency and rapidly approaching deadline we need to prioritise our resources as required.

Motion summary: - The Council resolves that there be urgent consideration by officers, the Economic, Planning and Housing Policy Committee and by Cabinet whether an SPD (within 6 months) can be prepared and adopted to outline the measures that this council expects from developments to achieve net zero carbon and the levels of renewable energy generation required to meet our 2030 obligation.



Notice of Motion - Libraries

Proposer:            Councillor Watts

Seconder:           Councillor Grant


This council resolves to work with Hampshire County Council to save any of the libraries in the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane at risk of closure.


Libraries are a valuable community asset, whose value cannot be measured in money alone.  In addition to the traditional book services, there are newer services, such as online access, which are a lifeline for our most vulnerable residents. There is also scope to broaden the services available at libraries and involve multiple voluntary and charity organisations to provide these.


This council also resolves to identify the use of libraries and other community facilities for activities they are not currently used for, such as remote working, health and education outreach, and identifying suitable partners to help bring this about.




Notice of Motion - Covid19

Proposer:       Councillor K Taylor


Seconder:      Councillor S Bound


This Council records a vote of thanks to all the Borough’s council workers, bin collectors, doctors, nurses, paramedics, health assistants, porters, care workers, bus and train drivers, conductors and guards, transport workers, mechanics, maintenance workers, police, military, fire fighters, teachers, teaching assistants, mail workers, shop workers, chefs, take-away workers, delivery drivers, and anyone else performing a key job during the crisis.


This Council also records a vote of thanks to all the Borough’s volunteers, without whom society may well have fallen apart. Our thanks go out to organisations such as Basingstoke Voluntary Association, Spotlight, Basingstoke Food Bank, the Basingstoke Covid-19 support group, housing associations, churches, and anyone else all involved in the council-directed effort to help vulnerable people and key workers. And thanks also to the individual volunteers, looking in on and delivering essential items to relatives or neighbours.


That, in recognition of the great job done locally by the aforementioned parties, this Council through the Leader/CX engage with the Government to get a greater degree of information, autonomy and funding so that we can better administer our Borough through our various functions and local partnerships to ensure an optimal, safe transition out of lockdown, to minimize any new cases, and maximise support of our local businesses and community organisations who are gazing into the abyss.


That a retrospective analysis of the crisis be conducted by the Scrutiny Committee with a view to learning lessons and sharing best practice in case of a second wave later this year, with possible input to feed into a future public inquiry.



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To receive questions from members in relation to the minutes of the meetings detailed below:



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25 June 2020



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