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Apologies for absence


Declarations of interest


Office of Deputy Mayor for the Year 2019/20

Members are asked to note that Councillor Cubitt is the next senior Member who has indicated her willingness to take up the office of Deputy Mayor for the year 2019/20.


Minutes of the meeting held on 28 February 2019 pdf icon PDF 491 KB

The Chair will move that the minutes of the meeting be signed as a correct record. The only part of the minutes that can be discussed is their accuracy.




Questions from members of the public

To receive and answer any questions from the public.

(Questions must be received in writing by Democratic Services no later than noon on Tuesday 26 March 2019)



To receive petitions.

(Notice of petitions must be received in writing by Democratic Services, no later than noon on Tuesday 26 March 2019)


Resignations and appointments pdf icon PDF 5 KB

a) to receive resignations from Committees and to make any necessary re-appointments



b) to receive resignations from Outside Bodies and to make any re-appointments and (ii) fill any existing vacancies.



Adoption of Heritage Supplementary Planning Document pdf icon PDF 330 KB

Recommendation from the Cabinet Meeting held on 5 March 2019


1)            That Council adopt the Heritage Supplementary Planning Document; and


2)            Withdraw The Historic Environment: Listed Buildings SPG (2003); The Historic Environment: Buildings of Local Interest SPG (2003); and Farm Diversification and Traditional Farmsteads SPD (2007).

Additional documents:


Adoption of the Upper Cufaude Farm Development Brief Supplementary Planning Document pdf icon PDF 340 KB

Recommendation from the Cabinet meeting held on 5 March 2019


That Council adopt the Upper Cufaude Farm Development Brief Supplementary Planning Document.

Additional documents:


Revenue and Capital Monitoring as at 31 December 2018 pdf icon PDF 776 KB

Recommendation from the Cabinet Meeting held on 5 March 2019


That Council approve:


1)            A transfer of budget of £680,000 for Manydown project costs from capital to revenue, to ensure that the accounting treatment of Manydown project costs in accordance with the accounting code of practice.


2)            That any revenue outturn surplus or deficit that remains after transfers to reserves, currently forecast to be a surplus of £311,100, will be transferred to the Stability and Resilience Reserve, in accordance with financial policies


Priestley Road Campus and Plot K Basing View Update pdf icon PDF 347 KB

Recommendation from the Cabinet meeting held on 5 March 2019


Council are recommended to agree an increase of £1.2 million in the council’s capital budget, comprising £0.5m additional BDBC investment and £0.7 million LEP loan, for the investment in a new office building on Basing View with a revised capital budget of £24.3 million, funded from a lease surrender premium, capital receipts, LEP grant and loan and the use of £8.9 million from Property Investment Strategy funds.

Additional documents:


Pay Policy Statement 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 829 KB

Recommendation from the Human Resources Committee on 18 March 2019


To approve the pay policy statement for 2019/20.   


Referral Decisions under the Officer Employment Procedure Rules - Dismissal and Disciplinary Arrangements for Senior Statutory Officers pdf icon PDF 367 KB

Report of the Monitoring Officer

Additional documents:


Members Allowances Scheme 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 406 KB

Report of the Legal Services Manager (Monitoring Officer)

Additional documents:


Electoral Review of Basingstoke and Deane: Final Recommendations pdf icon PDF 249 KB

Report of the Chief Executive

Additional documents:


Notice of Motion - Cuts to Leisure Park Shuttle Bus Services

Mover:            Councillor Gary Watts

Seconder:      Councillor Colin Regan  



The Council notes that the Leisure Park Shuttle Bus Service evening and Sunday services were cut on 4th March 2019.


As a consequence, Council notes-


·         The cuts make it more difficult for Town Centre and Leisure Park workers getting to work;


·         The cuts make it more difficult for young people, disabled, elderly, and vulnerable people to access the Leisure Park in the evenings and Sundays;


·         The Leisure Park venues loss of revenue is a threat to their economic viability;


·         Loss of evening and Sunday Park and Ride services increases the economic threat to the viability of Festival Place;


·         Loss of Sunday and evening Shuttle Bus services will increase car usage and therefore the air quality of the Borough will continue to decline.


The Council also notes that the funding reduction was based on bus usage figures that are focused on selective data.


The Council is therefore requested to refer the Leisure Park Shuttle Bus Service to the Scrutiny Committee to review the consequences of the decision on cutting evening and Sunday bus services.  





Questions from Members of the Council on notice


Questions to Chair of Cabinet and/or a committee

To receive questions from members in relation to the minutes of the meetings detailed below:




Meeting Date

Development Control Committee

6 February 2019

Manydown Overview Committee

13 February 2019

Licensing Committee

14 February 2019


28 February 2019


5 March 2019

Development Control

6 March 2019




Exclusion of press and public

To consider whether, in view of the nature of the remaining items on the agenda, any of them are likely to involve the disclosure of exempt or confidential information within the terms of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972


Confidential/exempt items for information

Item 12 – Priestly Road Campus – Appendices 1, 2 and 3