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The Chair will move that the minutes of the meeting be signed as a correct record. The only part of the minutes that can be discussed is their accuracy.




Questions from members of the public

To receive and answer any questions from the public.

(Questions must be received in writing by Democratic Services no later than noon on Tuesday 12 October 2021)


Question 1


From:  Mr Basham

To:       Cabinet Member for Communities, Planning and Infrastructure


My question regards infrastructure requirements to support new housing.  At the public meeting 'Protecting our Natural Environment' on 23 September 2021 at Old Basing Village Hall, Thames Water told Maria Miller MP that Basingstoke is one of only a few locations where they would not recommend any more building due to the fragile state of the local water infrastructure.  Can the Council please explain to me exactly how they intend to work with Thames Water to ensure that they put the right infrastructure in before new housing, in particular so that we do not face sewage on our streets and water rationing across the borough?



To receive petitions.

(Notice of petitions must be received in writing by Democratic Services, no later than noon on Tuesday 12 October 2021)


Petition presented by Christine Northam - Stop the destruction of 67 oak and 3 beech trees on Oakdown Farm warehouse site.


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a)    to receive resignations from Committees and to make any necessary re-appointments


b)    to receive resignations from Outside Bodies and to make any re-appointments and (ii) fill any existing vacancies.



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Report of the Leader of the Council


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Report of the Head of Law and Governance and Monitoring Officer


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Report of the Monitoring Officer


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Report of the Head of Law and Governance and Monitoring Officer


Notice of Motion - Infrastructure

Proposer -     Councillor Tomblin

Seconder -    Councillor Konieczko


This Council supports the Leaders statement: “We do need the infrastructure, and I promise that if it is within my power I will ensure the infrastructure goes in first and the housing second.” (2.9.21 EPH)


This Council requests Cabinet to prepare a policy in the Local Plan Review that specifically ensures the delivery of ‘infrastructure first and housing second’.



Notice of Motion - White Ribbon

Proposer -     Councillor Howard-Sorrell
Seconder -    Councillor Wooldridge 

This Council meeting notes that:

           ONS figures show that almost one in three women aged 16-59 will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, that two women a week in England and Wales are killed by a current or former partner, that over half a million women are raped or sexually assaulted each year and that a YouGov poll shows that a third of girls have experienced sexual harassment in schools; and

           the global pandemic has led to more women and girls being vulnerable to domestic abuse and, according to a BBC news report last July, the initial three months of the first national lockdown saw an 80% increase in calls to the National Domestic Abuse Hotline;

This Council meeting further notes that:

           White Ribbon UK is the leading charity with a mission to end male violence against women and part of the global White Ribbon movement which arose from a campaign started by men in Canada in 2004;

           they mark White Ribbon Day annually on 25th November, the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women, by encouraging men and boys to pledge never to take part in, condone or stay silent about violence against women and to make this by wearing a white ribbon on the day and a week or two afterwards; and

           White Ribbon UK operate a system of male Ambassadors, female Champions and Youth Advocates, as well as having specific materials to support primary and secondary schools, all with the aim of encouraging men to take the pledge and help to eradicate male violence against women.

This Council meeting believes male violence against women can never be condoned and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council should do everything in its power to ensure women are safe.  As part of this, the council should facilitate and encourage participation by councillors, staff and schools in the White Ribbon campaign.

This Council meeting therefore resolves to:

           strongly encourage all Councillors and council employees  to take the White Ribbon pledge;

           requests Cabinet undertake as soon as practicable the steps necessary to achieve White Ribbon accreditation, joining the large number of public sector bodies which have already done so; and

           as part of this, appoint a male Councillor as an Ambassador; mark White Ribbon Day on 25th November each year with a fundraising event ; and encourage participation among council staff and local primary and secondary schools.



Notice of Motion - Local Plan Review

Proposer -     Councillor Harvey

Seconder -    Councillor Godesen


This Council requests the Portfolio Holder and Cabinet pause the Local Plan Review. We do not accept that sufficient evidence has been presented “to guide where future growth and change should take place”.  


Moreover, this Council does not accept that the evidence can be applied retrospectively; that would be contrary to Government guidelines on Plan Reviews. 



Notice of Motion - Member Advisory Panels

Proposer-      Councillor McCormick

Seconder -     Councillor Howard-Sorrell


This council notes:


The considerable unease amongst our residents that many of our key issues, such as the future of the town centre, leisure park, planning policies, and the Climate Emergency, are being discussed behind closed doors.


That, while we have a constitutional review under way, the public deserves answers now as to how their money is being spent, what is being done to bounce back after the pandemic, and what a future Basingstoke is supposed to look like.


This council resolves:


To make each Members Advisory Panel public, with published minutes / meeting outcome records, with their dates published in the Council Calendar of Meetings.


To refer the issue of public participation at future MAPs to the Constitutional Working Group.



Notice of Motion - Declare an Ecological Emergency

Proposer -     Councillor Konieczko

Seconder -    Councillor Harvey


Council notes:


1.     The recent Dasgupta Review on the Economics of Biodiversity confirms that our societies and economies are embedded within nature and are not external to it.


2.     Humanity and the economy depend on the services that nature provides.  For example, the natural world is essential for the provision of food (with soil and pollinators having a vital role), clean water, fresh air, medicines, and protection from extreme weather, as well as being our source of energy and raw materials. People also derive a sense of wellbeing from a healthy natural environment.


3.     Yet ‘The State of Nature 2019’ highlighted the critical decline in biodiversity in the UK. 15% of UK species are classified as threatened with extinction and 2% are already extinct.


4.     The Environment Bill will require the introduction of a Local Nature Recovery Strategy and Nature Recovery Networks as an aid to planning.


5.     Councils of all colours are already declaring an ecological or biodiversity emergency or acting accordingly.  These include: Bath & North East Somerset; Bournemouth; Brent; Brighton & Hove; Cambridgeshire; Ealing; Winchester; and Windsor & Maidenhead.



The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review - Headline Messages, Abridged Version, Full Report and Government response

The State of Nature 2019 -  and

Council resolves to:


1.     Declare an Ecological Emergency.


2.     Maximise co-benefits from addressing Climate and Ecological Emergencies.


3.     Add ecological implications alongside those for climate and sustainability in Committee and Council reports, and embed ecological initiatives within all council work areas, including COVID recovery projects and programmes.


4.     Work with local communities, county, regional and national partners to promote landscape and habitat protection, restoration, expansion and connectivity, while devolving greater responsibility to genuinely-empowered community groups.


5.     Work with stakeholders to provide everyone, and especially children, with opportunities for learning about and reconnecting with nature.


6.     Ensure the Ecological (and Climate) Emergencies are strategic priorities for land use planning, planning policies and design guides, and protecting areas for habitat restoration and biodiversity gain.  Seek to incorporate biodiversity, nature recovery networks, green and blue infrastructure and ecosystems services into the Local Plan, Neighbourhood Plans and other initiatives.


7.     Create a register of natural assets and estimate the ecosystem services derived from those assets.


8.     Recommend to Cabinet that funding is provided to allow for the creation of an Ecological Emergency Strategy and action plan with progress on implementation being scrutinised by Communities, Environment and Partnerships committee and reported annually to Council.


Notice of Motion - Hampshire Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)/booking system

Proposer -     Councillor Freeman

Seconder -    Councillor Donohoe


This Council notes:


That the limitations on the booking system for Wade Road (limited slots released, one appointment per week, being only able to book four days in advance, and a phone line that closes at 3pm) make things more difficult for residents who work full time to book appointments and use the tip.


This Council resolves that:


The Leader write to Hampshire County Council regarding Household Waste Recycling Centres, requesting a review of the booking system to make it easier for working residents to use, with more slots available, visibility of slots further into the future, and more frequent updates to the calendar.


The Leader take the opportunity to also ask when more HWRC’s are likely to be opened in the Basingstoke and Deane area, given the previous correspondence on this issue.


The issue of waste disposal, bring banks, bulky waste, and household waste recycling centres be referred to the CEP committee with a view to inviting public participation in an issue of concern to them, so that we can arrive at solutions to improve tip access, recycling, bulk collection rates, and reduce the dumping of unwanted items which should be going to the tip at Wade Road.


Notice of Motion - West Ham Leisure Park - Wider Vision

Proposer -     Councillor Jones

Seconder -    Councillor Freeman


This Council Notes


The ongoing difficulties with the West Ham Leisure Park, in particular the Ice Rink and Aquadrome, and the ongoing residents’ disquiet about the situation.


This Council Resolves


To involve the public in the development of a wider vision, and any specific new solutions.


To ensure they get their right to have their say, by referring this issue to the CEP committee.


Notice of Motion - Proposed Housing Figures

Proposer -     Councillor Taylor  

Seconded -   Councillor Watts


As the process of revising the Basingstoke & Deane Local Plan has commenced, it is becoming clear that many local people, and indeed councillors, are very concerned that yet again another vast number of new dwellings is being proposed for our Borough.


Basingstoke has played an enormous part in delivering housing to this country.  From the sixties onward, we have seen estates appearing all over the town and surrounding settlements, swallowing up farms and villages.   It is accepted that growth has to happen and houses have to be built, but this Borough simply can’t continue to roll over to central demand.  We have been at the vanguard of house delivery for long enough.  It is time to assess our Borough, time to take seriously its future with regard to environment, biodiversity, climate emergency, roads infrastructure, water supply and sewage.


The EPH Committee’s rejection of the proposed 17,820 units over the next plan period was both wise and welcome.  The request now is that all councillors join in this resolve.  In order to send the strongest possible message to government the motion proposed is that “this Council rejects 17,820 units as the housing figure in the Local Plan Review.”


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