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Contact Officer: Jess Harris

This report provides the committee with an update on progress with the Manydown project.


The Cabinet Member for Property and Development introduced the report which provided the committee with an update on progress with the Manydown Project.


The Cabinet Member explained that there had been engagement with a number of primary and secondary schools within the Borough, a four day workshop also took place during the summer which provided young people interested in architecture, buildings, art and green spaces the opportunity to have a say in the development of new communities at Manydown.


The Cabinet Member also explained that following submission of the Outline Planning Application, discussions had continued with the Local Planning Authority and other statutory consultees. A key element of those discussions had been the design of the main access junctions and refinements to the Transport Assessment as requested by Hampshire Highways.


The Chair invited visiting speakers Martin Heath and Heather Rainbow to address the Committee, their Comments included:


·         During 2017, central government had implemented a number of new policies which help to support a cleaner and greener world.


·         There was a lack of connections to the railway station, town centre and hospital.


·         Concern was raised over the provision for cyclists.


The Chair invited the committee to ask questions and make comments on the report, their comments included:


·         The committee expressed their ongoing support for the objective of seeking to achieve a viable development at Manydown with 40% affordable housing across the development overall, which accords with the BDBC Local Plan.


·         It was acknowledged that a phased approach would be beneficial on the basis of the scale of development at Manydown, the level of infrastructure costs, the timescales for the appointment of the preferred private sector partner and the potential Government funding opportunities.



·         Members of the committee acknowledged that the approach to affordable housing at Manydown should be evidence based and reflect the local needs of Basingstoke residents.


·         The wording of the legal review mechanism within the Section 106 agreement was of particular importance and it was requested that a briefing on the proposed wording be given to relevant members at the appropriate time. It was agreed that the Cabinet Member and the Project Director would respond to the request for a briefing alongside ongoing discussions with the Local Planning Authority.


·         In response to questions regarding the council’s approach to the recycling of land receipts the Cabinet Member confirmed that this approach is enshrined within the principles for the development as agreed by members and that the ongoing approach would need to be considered and agreed in line with the council’s fiduciary responsibilities.


·         It was agreed that further information would be provided to members on the purpose and aim of the seed collection project referenced at Appendix 1 of the project update report.



·         The views of the public speakers were endorsed and the importance of considering walking and cycling infrastructure at an early stage was recognised in order to ensure that the development is sustainable and future proofed.


Resolved: The committee;


1)    Notes the progress made with the Manydown Phase 1 project.


2)    Notes that its comments will be presented to the Manydown Executive Committee at its meeting on 5 December 2017.


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