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Contact Officer:  Andrew Reynolds


This report provides an update on the Outline Planning Application, S106 agreement and Communications and Engagement plan for Manydown


The Chair invited James Scott and Richard Coppell from Urban Civic to provide an introductory presentation to the Committee.  The presentation consisted of an overview of Urban Civic, the master developer approach and details of their previous experience of delivering large scale strategic sites.  The Project Director confirmed that the presentation would be circulated to Members of the Committee after the meeting and an all Member Briefing would be arranged later in the year which would include representatives from Urban Civic.


The Cabinet Member for Property and Development introduced the report and advised the Committee that the Manydown project continued to progress its work to obtain Outline Planning Permission and to enter into contract with the selected private sector partner (PSP) in order to promote the development.   He advised that the updates to the Outline Planning Application were submitted to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) in July 2018 and had been subject to a statutory consultation process.  It was the intention to obtain Outline Planning Permission in winter 2018.


He stated that in response to the consultation the Highways Authority had confirmed it had no objection in regards to the design of the three main points of access to the Manydown site.   However there remain some outstanding queries in relation to the Transport Assessment, in particular, additional off-site measures required to mitigate the impacts of the development along the A339 corridor.


He advised that an Addendum to the Transport Assessment had been prepared by the applicant’s consultant team and would be issued to the LPA imminently to enable additional public consultation on the updated information.


He confirmed that the negotiations had now commenced with the Local Planning Authority and statutory consultees in order to progress the drafting of the Section 106 agreement with a view to completing negotiations by the end of the year.


The Chair invited visiting speaker Paul Beevers to address the committee with his comments.  Mr Beevers main concern was the outline planning application process and lack of consideration for natural green infrastructure.  He stated that natural green infrastructure planning should be equivalent to hard infrastructure and roads in the outline planning application, to prevent fragmented and suboptimal designs and outcomes.


The Cabinet Member for Property and Development thanked Mr Beevers for his comments and the concerns he raised regarding green infrastructure and suggested that they meet to discuss the topic further in relation to Manydown.


The Project Director advised that the principles for Manydown had already set out a need for strong green infrastructure in the masterplan.   He confirmed that there would be a staged approach in the planning of Manydown which would be crucial in informing and developing the green infrastructure.  In addition he advised that the work from the bio-diversity consultancy team had identified that there would be some negative impacts on building a development on a Greenfield site of this scale but highlighted that there would be considerable opportunities to add and support wildlife and habitat. The Project Director stated that he would also provide Mr Beevers with a written response to the issues he had raised.


The Committee discussed the report and made the following comments which included:-


  • Concern was expressed with the additional traffic implications to Roman Road.


  • It was requested that the Addendum to the Transport Assessment be circulated to the Committee.


  • Further to the queries raised by the Hampshire Highways Authority the Committee asked for a report to be timetabled on Highways Solutions.


  • It was highlighted that Manydown was farmland and there would now be an opportunity to enhance and recreate the wildlife that had previously been lost due to pesticides and farming practices.


  • Members were disappointed that there had been earlier opportunities in the process for the Highways Authority to identify any queries in relation to the Transport Assessment.


  • The Committee thanked both the young people and the Manydown Project Team for their participation and subsequent outcomes from the workshops held over the summer.


  • The arrangement of an all Member Briefing to update and introduce representatives from Urban Civic was endorsed by the Committee.


Resolved:   That the Manydown Overview Committee:


§   notes the progress made with the Manydown Phase 1 project.

§  reviews and provides comments on the content of this report  for consideration by the Cabinet Member for Property and Development.


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