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Contact Officer:  Andrew Reynolds


This report provides an update on the delivery strategy for the Manydown project and the process to appoint a joint venture private sector delivery partner.


A verbal confidential update will also be provided by the Project Director.


Report to follow.



The Cabinet Member for Property and Development introduced the report which provided an update on the procurement process for Basingstoke and Deane Borough and Hampshire County Council appointing a private sector partner (PSP) for the Manydown Development Joint Venture (JV) vehicle; and an update on the governance arrangements for the Manydown Garden Communities LLP (MGC LLP).


He stated that at the last committee meeting held on 17 October 2018, Urban & Civic provided a presentation on their master developer approach to development and their vision for Manydown.


The councils, along with their technical advisors had been undertaking a complex process with the preferred bidder to conclude the drafting of the contract, legal documentation and financial model based on the Final Tender submission.


At Final Tenders Stage it was envisaged that at point of Contract the PSP would produce a Dev Co Overarching Business Plan and a Phase 1 Business Plan to be approved by the councils.


As the preferred bidder stage had progressed all parties had agreed that there should be an initial Interim Dev Co Business Plan that would cover the programme of work and associated cost plan for the first 12 months of Dev Co.  It would then be possible for key factors which would warrant further exploration and confirmation to be progressed and there would be a contractual requirement that the Overarching Business Plan and Phase 1 Business Plan would have been finalised and approved within 12 months. 


In July 2018 the two councils approved the setting up of the Manydown Garden Communities LLP.  The LLP was incorporated at Companies House on 6 August 2018.


The Board remained in shadow form until the Members’ Agreement had been signed by the Members (the two councils).  Work continued to ensure the LLP was operationally ready.  It included the appointment of technical advisors to provide legal, financial, accounting, tax and insurance services; development of protocols and policies which included procurement and the production of the MGC LLP Business Plan.


The councils would sign the short form Members’ Agreement shortly and the full Members’ Agreement would be entered into when contract documentation is entered into with the Preferred Bidder.


The first annual Business Plan was currently being developed and would be presented at a future meeting in order for the MOC to review and provide comments on prior to Cabinet approval later in 2019.


The Chair proposed that due to the confidential nature of information contained within the presentation, the Council pass a resolution that by virtue of paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972, the public be excluded from the meeting.


On resumption of the open session the Chair summarised that the committee had a discussion and noted the presentation provided by Project Director and David Ainsworth and Richard Coppell from Urban & Civic

Resolved:   That the Manydown Overview Committee:


§  Notes the progress made to establish the Delivery Vehicle for the Manydown Garden Communities North (Phase 1) project;

§  Notes the progress made on the set-up and operation of the Manydown Garden Communities LLP;

§  Notes the proposed wider governance framework review; and

§  Reviews and provides comments on the contents of this report which will be considered by the Cabinet Member for Property and Development.


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