Issue - decisions

16/01/2019 - Provision of a new Cemetery at North Waltham

1)    Approve the option for Dignity to provide a cemetery linked under the one site solution which includes the operation of the current crematorium. In accordance with this option, for the Council to enter into an agreement for a lease with Dignity and then complete a new lease (concurrently with the surrender of the current lease) on the obtaining of planning permission for the provision of a cemetery at the North Waltham site.  


2)    Delegate the detailed terms and conditions associated with the agreement for lease, surrender of the current lease and grant of a new lease, and any other supplementary legal, management of other agreements that may be required to facilitate delivery of the proposed new cemetery service under the one site solution, to the Executive Director of Borough Services in consultation with the Executive Director of Finance and Resources and the Head of Law and Governance.


3)    Approve the recommendation for officers to develop and implement a pilot travel scheme to test community bus provision against other options as set out in this report.  This approach will allow ongoing evaluation of demand whilst identifying the most suitable and viable solution.